Vik cotton

Vik cotton

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VIK Cotton


VIK Cotton, the revolution of cotton changing for your RTA/RDA mods. It’s simple, fast, very good vaping qualities and good for your health.

Just 3 simple steps and you are ready to go...

1. Thread VIK Cotton through the coil, center position
2. Twist and pull off each side of the papers
3. Cut length off your cotton and fluff on both ends

Why VIK Cotton?

  • Convenient design
  • Ready to use
  • Perfect amount and size every time
  • Certified cotton from USA
  • Produced by Japanese cutting edge technology
  • No Chemical treatment, No bleach, No colorant
  • Incredible cotton durability
  • Heat resistance cotton
  • Very good absorption
  • Tasteless cotton
  • Encourage to change your dirty cotton more often
  • No more inhaling cotton dust during wicking preparation
  • Package contain 50pcs Vik cotton