TORCH RTA Digiflavor
TORCH RTA Digiflavor

TORCH RTA Digiflavor

Built-in Breathing Light
Glow with flow.
Breathing light illuminates your TORCH while vaping. Once you vape, the light will first spark at the deck, and then glow through the glass, glittering like a torch in your hand. The stronger the flow is, the brighter the light glows. Magical and wonderful.
Y-shaped Electrode Pole
DIY, dive in Y.
TORCH RTA has the versatility to accommodate single or dual configurations on its raised postless, quad terminal build deck. Its Y-shaped Electrode Pole offers better DIY experience, making coil-building easier than ever.
Top-to-side Airflow System
Boost up the diversity
The air flows through the air slots on the top side of the stainless-steel chassis, which boosts up massive taste and meets the needs of diverse flavor.
Leakproof Design
Zero-leakage and lower noise. Let you focus on cloud chasing.
Food-grade Design
It’s germproof.
Stainless Steel Body
Constructed from durable food-grade stainless steel, it features a 5.5mL juice capacity. No germ attached. Enjoy abundance at ease.
PCTG Drip Tip
Made of food-grade PCTG, the ergonomically designed drip tip fits right to the lips. Supporting 810 tip, this flavor booster meets the expectation of DL, safe and strong